Monday, July 22, 2013, 7:37 PM
July 12, 2013:
after i got back from Champaign, Loyola was hosting AP workshops for high school teachers and Physics was one of those workshops, so we got to have some of their refreshments hehe. i had sooo much coffee that week ahahaha

tea & banana muffins :3
the tea inside the cup is mine. i think Cassie ate the other muffin.

after work, i met up with Jessica, Jin and April to go to the Taste of Chicago wooo (it wasn't that exciting ahaha)

Jessica & Jin! I don't know where April is haha

so April got too many tickets lol and decided to get lobster haha but there was only a small piece and two pieces of potatoes LOL
and the lobster was so freaking hard to eat. look what happened ahaha:

i had to take a picture haha it was too funny

after getting some food, we went over to one of the beer stands because Jessica wanted to get a beer.

another view of the Taste while waiting for Jessica to get her alcohol haha

after Jessica finished her beer, we went over by the Jay Pritzker Pavilion to go see the food trucks

there was a band singing there and a lot of people were there. i don't know if they were actually listening to the music or not haha

walking towards the food trucks:

the weirdo & the drunk LOL

there were policemen with horses by the Pavilion and Jin and April decided to go touch one of the horses and she called the horse "a handsome young man" AHAHAHAHA
the policeman asked if she was drunk ahaha

Jin wanted to get something from this food truck because the color of the truck was the same as my cellphone case color ahaha
but no one ended up getting anything from here

Jessica wanted to get rainbow ice cream so we went back towards the food stands, and we decided to go towards the Buckingham Fountain:

after Jessica got her rainbow ice cream, Jin and I got some gelato and April got crepes. Then with the last 5 tickets i got a chicken empanada:

i didn't like the chicken lol but i did like the bread haha. should've gotten veggie D:

while we were finishing up our food, we couldn't find a table or a bench to sit on, so we decided to just sit on the sidewalk hehe:

Jin saying something? i dunno lol. Jessica being tired after going to the Taste two days in a row. April finishing up her drink

after finishing all our food/drink, we decided to go to Chinatown to see if we can take the sticker pictures haha.
as we were heading out, we took pictures of the entrance to the Taste:

right when we got out of the Taste, i noticed this statue:

it looks like the horse is crying ahaha

and this too:

the haunted hotel.

on our way to Chinatown wooo:

April was tired lol

trying to cover up Jessica now haha

and then she gave up. muhahaha i win!

so no one knew (and i forgot) that red line is going through major construction and rerouted the trains after roosevelt, so we had to go back and forth on the train and take the shuttle to get to Chinatown lol

Jin on the "accordion" part of the shuttle ahaha. she was the only one sitting there

once we got to Chinatown, we went to the building with the sticker pic machine, but the building was closed for the day D:
but now we know where it is, so next time!! hehe

since we were in Chinatown, we decided to go get bubble tea. we were originally gonna get it at Joy Yee's but i wanted Saint's Alp's green tea bubble tea and Jin said their almond milk tea was the best haha
the drinks that day weren't really all that great :/

after we got our drinks, we headed back home.

this was handed to ppl who were 21 & over at the Taste. i think this one used to be April's? lol because I didn't get one haha.
i was doing something and someone just put it on me lol either Jessica or April :P

July 17, 2013:
i was at work when Jessica texted me because she wanted to go get bubble tea but i was at work :(
so she went on a walk with Chris and met up with me after i get back home to go eat and get bubble tea!

got steak burrito bowl:

yummmm. haven't had Chipotle in forever!!

after we finished eating, we met up with April and Katrina at Liquid Fusion

yay green tea latte! i've been craving this for the longest time ever!!

April's tea and fruit bingsoo.
it didn't really taste like bingsoo haha. it was okay XD but after eating the bingsoo, my green tea latte didn't taste like anything because the bingsoo was so sweet -_-

Jessica, Chris, April & Katrina :)

after sitting around at Liquid for a little, April and Katrina went off to study more for their PCAT they were taking the next day XI (i think they both did pretty well :D)
Jessica, Chris and I went over to Chris' and watched:

the movie was pretty good :) and Ryan Gosling was hot as usual haha

when i got back home, i found this:

my cellphone finally has a screen protector!!
April's a boss at putting on the protectors haha (she even got paid to put them on dannggggg) so she came over to my house and put the protector on for me the next day hehe
i was asking her jokingly because i take forever and suck at it, but she actually did it for me because she's awesome and nice :3

July 18, 2013:
i was planning on going to work, but i got back home way too late the day before and slept really late;; so i couldn't go in because i was so tired D:
i think i slept till like 2 or 3 haha and then April texted and invited me to get Pita Inn with her and Jin.
i found out Jessica and Chris were also coming after she picked me up haha

i haven't had Pita Inn for the longest and it was the first time for Jessica! WTH??

my lamb kabob sandwich & hummus w/ pita bread. yum. and April's beef meal in the background haha

April, Jessica & Chris

Jin & her chicken thing haha

after we finished eating, we headed to Joy Yee's to get bubble tea since it wasn't that far away
we (well Jessica and Chris) had a weird/awkward moment there ahaha

anywayssss our bubble tea!!:

Chris and Jin both got avocado bubble tea (eww) and April got lychee & melon. i got strawberry & banana like always haha (Jessica was talking with the people she and Chris bumped into there)

July 20, 2013:
this night actually started on the 19th lol with Jessica, Chris, Rey and Elise at DMZ, but they went to meet up with Artie after we finished eating and drinking, and Jin, April, Tina and I went to downtown to go clubbing lol and it was past midnight by the time we got there.
Jin found a password on fb for two clubs, so we decided to go give them a try because Jin really wanted to go clubbing and the rest, except for April lol, wanted to go dancing as well :3

entrance to NV Penthouse.

so we got there around 1 andddd the place was empty...and tiny LOL

see how empty it is? haha
you can't really see but Jin and Tina are getting drinks from a guy haha. It was Jin who got asked lol she would get asked, she would.

Jin didn't know i had flash on ahaha

Jin and her redbull & something LOL

Tina and her coke & rum. awww she looks adorable :3

after they finished their drinks (i helped with Tina's haha) we left the place haha and walked around the streets till a little past 2.
the other bar we went to was called Spy Bar. it was bigger than the first one and there were people there, but it wasn't packed or anything.
we stayed there for like an hour haha. none of us were really digging the music. the dj wasn't that great... it was like the same music (or same type, i don't know.. it sounded all the same;;) for the entire hour....
the best part of that club was the fire extinguisher lol and copying the "dance moves" of the guys dancing there ahahaha it was so funny. OH! and the guy who kept on coming back for Tina ahahahaha
the clubs weren't that great but it was fun! :D

so this upcoming semester is my last semester at Loyola. WHAAAAAT. i can't believe i'm going to be graduating this Decemeber... wtffffff

but anyways, since it's my last semester, i have to start prepping for grad school and start looking for an internship for the spring. yikes!
i haven't started looking for the internship, but my new adviser that i got to choose haha has agreed to help me with finding one, so hopefully that won't be a problem XI

with the gre....i kind of started studying for it haha, but i really haven't been studying it rigorously;;
actually, i haven't really done any of the things i was planning on doing...-_- well not as much as i wanted to...FAIL
BUT! i did start really studying since the 19th haha. so on the 20th, after getting back home, i slept for 3 hours and went to school to study some more :3

i had the whole table to myself and the view of the lake haha

the library closed at 5pm that day because it was a Saturday :( so i went to the Damen Student Center:

there was only one other guy there haha

so on that day, i realized that i can really focus on things in a big open space haha. i can't believe it took me a bazillion years to figure that out ahaha.
well i've been doing a good job at finding places to study, but i didn't see the connection until that day XD

after studying till 5:30, i met up with Jin at Five Guys to get burgers.

i've been craving Five Guys for over a freaking month! and finally!! T^T:

my little hamburger & little fries. little fries were like regular/large fries haha.
i love how Five Guys always just dumps the fries in the bag. the fries were more than enough for both Jin and me.

Jin preparing her cheeseburger

she got so many compliments on her fishtail braid haha

after eating, Jin and I both went home and I watched wgm hehe

ever since i got back from my sister's, i've been putting on polish on my nails hehe and normally, i like really plain or dark colors, but i started liking fairly bright colors lately X)

so i purchased four new colors:

the Milani one's more like a teal and Sally Hansen's is sky blue. the red one is so hard to put on because the brush is too wide for my nails D:
the green in the back was only $2 and it sucks... the pinkish one is my mom's

i don't know if you remember, but i think i mentioned in the last post that my desktop needs a wifi adapter, so i got one from Amazon.
but the shipping on its own was super expensive for some reason but it qualified for super saver shipping, so i got two things along with the adapter to get the free shipping lol

i bought this two years ago at Champaign for Jin and me, but my Finn decided to break a month ago ToT
i was really sad and wanted to find the kep cap, but i couldn't find it anywhere in store and it was too expensive for a key cap online

so i gave up and got a different key cap the last time i was at Champaign and got a Finn key chain with the adapter

it looks a little different and it's a bit bigger but he's still Finn so i'm all good now haha

the other thing i got is a book:

she's one of my physics professors' wife, and i've met her twice during physics gatherings. i really wanted to read one of her novels, so i decided to get it :3

i haven't started reading it yet, but look what's inside:

awwwww sho cute. their daughter is adorable. her cheeks. omg. her cheeks.

Farheen and i love sitting by the babies during physics gathering ahaha. they're adorable! XD

so the other day, i was looking through my old posts and found this picture:

dang... i only had 32 pictures 2 years ago..

and now:

128 pictures!!! so many pictures and memories :3

and after taking 130 pictures, the batteries for my Polaroid decided to die... which happened while i was at the Taste.
i thought i broke the camera because the lens wouldn't go back in. scared the shit out of me..;;
but i bought the batteries on the 19th (they were freaking $17 -_-) and finally got to find out what the mystery films were

they are colored frames. so the other mystery films are white haha

btw isn't the picture "artistic"? haha. it was done on purpose... jk. April was just being a hater LOL but i still like the picture so i forgive ahaha

i think this will do for now. i was supposed to post after the 18th, but i kept going out and didn't get to update ahaha
anyways, thanks for reading and have an awesome day :)


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Friday, July 12, 2013, 12:12 AM's been almost two years since my last post... 
i came back because my sister moved into a new apartment last Thursday so i went to help, and Jessica wanted to see pics of the new apartment :) and i was thinking about blogging again haha. 
i have some pics that i want to upload somewhere but tumblr is just a reblog place for me, and i just don't like fb ahaha. 

July 4, 2013:
i left home with dad, brother, and grandparents early in the morning on the Fourth of July to help my sister move. 
her apartment is literally a half a block away from her old one lol so moving stuff over wasn't too bad i guess. but i wasn't moving things. i stayed at the new apartment and shoved everything inside the tiny apartment. my hands died that day D:
nothing much happened on the first day. oh we did make a batch of red velvet and made cupcakes and a cake with the leftover hehe

this is the only pic i have. it was for instagram XD

ooh yeah and we found out late at night that there was no hot water... we had to freaking boil the water to mix with the cold water and shower. i didn't even feel clean after that shower...

July 5, 2013:
Loria left for work and i slowly got ready to go out to study while taking pictures of the new apartment

the living room & the tiny dining area.
the light's from the huge window right next to the entrance. originally, there was a huge flat-screen tv on that table, but Loria's has her Gohonzon there now.

and the tv has become:

my little brother's to-be huge monitor haha

oh, did i ever mention my brother is moving down to champaign and living with my sister?
he's gonna drive her mad. i can already see it. he drives me mad sharing a freaking room.

my brother's room is kinda being used as a storage room until he moves haha. but here's Loria's:

you can totally tell that it's a girl's room ahaha. my sister and her pink stuff lol

the size of the room is probably not that different from the last one, but this one has an actual window with sunlight coming through it. also, Loria and I both agree that this place looks a lot more cozy.

guess where this is:

if you thought it was the bathroom, you're wrong. it's still the bedroom ahahaha. and that's not the shower. it's Loria's closet.

wondering why there's a sink inside the bedroom? this is why:

tiny ass bathroom LOL. this is it. there's nothing more.

the sink on the left side:

the toilet on the right side:

well the bathtub is behind that curtain. but yeah, it's tiny. but it still works. so no worries.
oh, and having a sink inside the bedroom is quite convenient ahaha

now the kitchen:

there aren't enough cabinets and drawers to store everything, so we had to shove a lot of things on the top of the cabinets and whatnot.
but the appliances are all new so that was good. the refrigerator does make a lot of weird noises, but meh, they can live. my grandma and i did for 5 days haha although she did complain a lot

before going down to my sister's, my grandma had gone on a trip with her friend.
she mentioned something about going to a desert but she had no clue where it was LOL so i don't know where she went, but she got me a soap and gave it to me at Loria's:

she's been chanting about my skin for a long time and she just really felt like this soap would help me haha. i don't know if it's working, but it smells suuuper nice and so far, it's not causing any issues.

i finally left the apartment somewhere between 1 and 2 to study for the physics gre.
there's a second floor inside county market with tables and booths, so i went there to study. i really like the lighting by the booths. it's my ideal "study light" haha

took a picture for instagram because i just wanted to take a little bit of break lol:

and after couple of hours, i realized that my study method is not really helping at all... it was just making me feel more dumb and dumb. so i tried out a new method, and i think it's helping a bit more. we shall see haha
but i did study the most while i was there because Loria's place didn't have internet boohoo. i think it was also because i was away from my usual life back in chicago.
i should go there again to get more studying done ahaha

after wrapping up, i went down to get this:

it's a blister relief or whatever the hell it was called.

i have a bunch of shoes that i can't wear because they give me blisters, so i bought one at county market because i could not find this anywhere in chicago. well not in the places i could go to..

so far i put some on three different pairs of shoes, and i tried one pair and.... it's not helping...
i hope it's because the shoes just suck lol. they actually do. it's not even my size LOL

anyways, back in champaign, my sister and i made another peach cake. yayyyyy:

and by another, i mean we made one two months ago when i went to visit her during her graduation.

yummyyyy. but the texture was a little off. it tasted good but something was a little different haha

we baked something every night because i've been craving baked goods and i can't make any at home.
our oven's been broke for the longest time ever but our owner's not fixing it for us. we didn't even use the freaking thing!!

July 6, 2013:
the next day, i went to study at county again. there's a caribou inside the market so i got their classic black tea before going upstairs:

i tried their coffee the day before but didn't really like it. but i did really like this tea. imma get it again if i go back to caribou.

after a little while Loria came to county too to use the internet haha and i think i stayed there for only about two hours.
Loria had to go to walgreens to get top coat and i wanted to go get the thai iced can coffee Loria had in her refrigerator, so we dropped our stuff at the apartment and went out to get our goodies

at the korean market, Loria got this for me:

isn't it cuuuute? ahaha. Loria also has these in different color. i saw that she had them on her laptop and kinda wanted it, so i was gonna get it. but she ended up getting it for me in the end. thanks ♥ hehe

after getting back from walgreens and the market, Loria decided that she wanted to make bubble tea.
we had some apple at the apartment, so i asked her to make me an apple bubble tea:

it was just apple...haha. kind of watery. nothing special. but it was homemade haha

after the bubble tea, we baked again LOL this time we made a pound cake.
my aunt made one for my grandma before and she really liked it and wanted to eat it with us

it was sooo good. omg. i love cake. i love bread. i want a functioning oven please.

so later that night, as i was trying to figure out why the ice maker wasn't working, i accidentally hit the bottom of the blades or whatever those were and it...burned me D:

i thought it was a cut at first but this is definitely a burn. i don't think it's gonna go away T^T it's just dead red skin now...

and then there were other scrapes and scratches... my right hand did not have fun on this trip

July 7, 2013:
Loria wanted to get some gre prep material with the barnes & noble gift cards she got from our family friend, so we got ready to go out and took selfies while waiting for the bus haha

i'm trying to grow my bangs out, so i've been just putting them up for the most part. does no bang look weird on me? TOO BAD. imma grow it out like a boss

Loria said she'd probably never go back to barnes to get anything, so we got moleskines and i got some magnetic markers:

i gave two of the clips to Loria and we exchanged one of ours because they came as a set of three.

the tan was has grid lines. i like grid lines. gives me much more freedom than just lines.
the red one is blank... i honestly don't know what i'm gonna use it for... i wanted it because of the color LOL it's so prettyyyy. but i don't know what to do with it...

after we got back from looking around barnes, tj maxx, and the mall, Loria made another pound cake because i wanted it XD hehe

it came out to be better than the one from the day before :D it was a lot more soft. i want it againnnn

July 8, 2013:
on the last day of our stay, my grandma and i did laundry all day long... well she did the laundry. i pressed the buttons for her haha

the last time i visited champaign, i took amtrak to come back home and it was sooo much better than greyhound. so we took the train back home, and my grandma liked the train a lot more, too.
we left champaign around 7 and got back around 9:30.
i didn't want to take the train back home that late so my dad came to pick us up and by the time we dropped my grandma off, it was around 10:30

but instead of sleeping i did this:

yay~ kawaii ahaha cassie said it was cute too hehe

this keyboard used to be sang's, but he left his desktop to throw/give away. my brother was gonna use it, but his laptop is fine unlike mine. so i took it for myself. tada:

honestly, it's not that great LOL it's kind of slow. but i think it functions better than my laptop since it at least doesn't die on me for using 2 or more things at the same time haha
but i don't have a wifi adapter yet so i had to move it to the living room. the adapter's supposedly coming within next week so i'll be able to move my shit back into my room soon...hopefully...

oh, and while i was away this came in:

i ordered a new wallet case for my gs2 couple of weeks ago not knowing that i would do something crazy in champaign LOL
so i only got to use this case for 2 days ahaha. i like this case. it was sad to put it away after just two days D:

July 10, 2013:
while i was in champaign, i was annoyed at the fact that i didn't get any data out in the country (champaign is definitely a country, at least to me LOL) well i only get edge. i don't get 3g like in the city because my gs2 is international. so i was complaining to my sister about that and she was like get a t-mobile phone then.
while i was at county studying, i checked to see how much i had to pay to get the galaxy note II, and with discounts on the monthly plan, i only had to pay $170! with tax and whatnot it came out to be $230, but it wasn't $600 like my gs2. soooo i got it ahahaha

they originally said it would be delivered on the 16th, but guess what??? it came yesterdayyyyyy
i could not wait to go home and open the freaking packages!! i love getting packagesss!!!

the package with caution is obviously the phone and the other one is the case. yayyy right on timeee

the big white box ehehe:

and the freaking galaxy note II:

omgomgomgomg look at it!! it's so white and prettyyy ahhhhhh XDDDD

i love white phones! i love white electronics haha. i wish my desktop was white too D:
and i love getting white phones because they give you white accessories hehe

i gave my old earphones to my brother because he breaks his all the time. and i think i'll store away the charger for now since i have my gs2's

after i got the phone, i was looking at the samsung flip covers with replacement back covers attached, and originally, i was gonna get a green one but i saw that they had a mint one and i really liked the color
of course, since i wanted it no one was selling it but i did not give up ha! i searched and searched until i found it muhahaha

the color's a lot more bright and pretty in real life :3

so now that i've finally gotten the note like i wanted to for the past year, it's finally a goodbye to my dear gs2 D;

you're the first smartphone i used for almost 2 years, and i did not hate you like the other ones. i'll always love you T^T
(it looks like it's going inside its coffin LOL)

i'm sorry to finish off on a sad note but this has gotten really long and i just really want to stop and go do other things ahaha
so thanks for reading this long ass post and have an awesome day! :) ♥

yours truly,

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